Online Reputation Management

Picture This:

why managing your online reputation is important

Think about how this information instantly shows up on sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor. The customer's voice is not only heard, but amplified to many. People are using their smartphones, computers, or tablets before walking into a business or restaurant in search of ratings, reviews, and recommendations. This real-time empowerment can make or break a consumer's decision on whether or not to visit a business.

Online Reputation Management allows you to understand your online presence and take proactive steps to ensure that consumers will, in fact, choose your business.

Information management and analysis to understand your online reputation...

...this is how ReptoniX approaches Online Reputation Management. At ReptoniX, we believe that information is power. With the open landscape of the internet, the power is no longer just in the hands of your business, but in the hands of your customers as well. Your customers are generating increasing amounts of feedback and content about your brand as they talk to you, each other, and potential customers online. Through ReptoniX's initiatives of awareness, aggregation, and engagement, your business can capitalize on the intensifying conversation surrounding your brand.

Online Reputation Management is not just a one-time product, but an on-going process with several contributing factors. At ReptoniX, we take into account all of these dynamic elements with a service-oriented approach, providing the best partnership available for your brand's Online Reputation Management.

ReptoniX will:

  • Enhance online visibility and improve search engine rank by creating and correcting listings on important directory sites
  • Aggregate online customer reviews and mentions organized by sentiment
  • Reply to reviews with pre-written responses or by composing custom replies
  • Provide analytics and generate weekly reports that demonstrate how your business's reputation is improving
  • Provide proactive initiatives and actionable insights based on customer generated feedback
  • Provide the only online reputation and presence management monitoring solutions for large brands with multiple locations
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