About Us

ReptoniX's leadership has experience in local online promotion that dates back to 1995, and was formed through a comprehensive approach to managing its clients' online presence. We do this by:

  • Ensuring all business listings are correct, robust, and up-to-date throughout directory sites
  • Aggregation, sorting strategies, and sentiment analysis of online consumer reviews and conversations
  • Bringing your brand to life through social media while engaging its customer base

Calculating your presence ROI through data analysis:

  • Visibility performance metrics that quantifies your online presence and reports on its accuracy and exposure
  • Review scores reported as well as a keyword analysis to help clients understand what customers are saying about their brand
  • Determine and benchmark clients' social reach on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Foursquare with real metrics
  • All included in a consolidated and summarized report

We're committed to:

  • Delivering our clients personalized service
  • Actual metrics exposing opportunities for performance enhancement
  • A reporting system that provides transparency and accountability
  • An expansive approach for managing online reputation
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